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2008 In-Store Artist Signing Events

20 In-Store signing events held in September 2008.

To see (and print) a list of the 2008 in-store SIGNING EVENT locations, dates and artist assignments, click on the link provided below.  Please note: you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to see this document.

Event Exclusive Ornament


In-Store Artist Signing event exclusive
Inspired by the KOC 'Christmas Windows' series
Depicts two children peering into the window of
a Hallmark Gold Crown store. Features the work
of 18 Keepsake studio artists.
5" h. x 2¾" w. x 3¾" d.
$28.00 USA QMP4003 

Each detail of this ornament was created by a
different Keepsake artist. See list below for
individual credits.

Keepsake Artist Contributions:

  • Window arch and base - Linda Sickman
  • Garland around window - Nello Williams
  • Window awning - Edythe Kegrize
  • Snow on and around shop - Tom Best
  • Gold Crown shopping bag - Terri Steiger
  • Girl - Nina Aubé
  • Boy - Tammy Haddix
  • Christmas Tree - Robert Chad

    Ornaments on Tree:
  • Teddy Bear - Sue Tague
  • Eye of God - Julie Forsyth
  • Puppy in Stocking - Anita Marra Rogers
  • Penguin - Kline-Gaughran
  • Nutcracker - Tracy Larsen
  • Santa - Sharon Visker
  • Snowman - Katrina Bricker

  • Tree Topper and Packages - Joanne Eschrich
  • The store décor of houses and shops - Don Palmiter
  • Train on its track around the base of the tree - Ken Crow

Special Edition
Coordinates with the signing event exclusive ornament
$7.50 USA


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