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2010 In-Store Artist Signing Events

To see (and print) a complete list of the 2010 in-store signing locations, dates and artist assignments, click on the link provided below.  Please note: you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to see this document.

Event Exclusive Ornament

Santa’s suit’s been cleaned and pressed-on Christmas Eve, he’ll be “Best Dressed”! Till then it’s hanging safe and sound with favorite toys all gathered round! This Keepsake ornament that features the work of the entire Keepsake studio was created especially for the 2010 in-store signing events

Collaborative piece
Limited Edition: 4,565 pieces*
5½" h.
$34.95 USA QXC1036

Keepsake Artist Contributions:

  • Design concept and art direction - Edythe Kegrize
  • Armoire structure - Robert Hurlburt
  • Scene on door - Robert Chad
  • Santa Head on front - Valerie Shanks
  • Mouse on top - Katrina Bricker
  • Carved Holly detail - Don Palmiter
  • Back of armoire - Terri Steiger

    Toys on Shelves:
  • Tugboat - Orville Wilson
  • Doll - Tammy Haddix
  • Duck pull toy - Sharon Visker
  • Drum - Steve Goslin
  • Penguin - Joanne Eschrich
  • Bear - Nina Aubé
  • Train - Ken Crow
  • Robot - Nello Williams
  • Rocking Horse - Tracy Larsen
  • Solider - Cullen Brown

    Inside of Armoire:
  • Mirror - Tom Best
  • Santa’s hat - Ruth Donikowski
  • Santa’s coat - Julie Forsyth
  • Santa’s boots - Anita Marra Rogers
  • Cat toy-Kristina (Kline) Gaughran
  • Reindeer toy - Becky Hottel
  • Jack-in-the-box - Sue Tague

  • Color team - Deb Murray, Diana McGehee, Lisa Vogel
  • Bottom technical touches - Rodney Gentry

*NOTE: Each of the sixteen In-Store Signing Event retail hosts had the option of purchasing a maximum of 290 pieces. Additionally, each local club host received a fully signed armoire, to be used at the event, for either a charity raffle or silent auction with the proceeds to be donated to a charity of each clubs choosing.




Remember to register for a chance to win a repaint of "Berry" Sweet Bear during the In-store Artist Signing events! Limit 5 per event. This ornament was produced in limited quantities exclusively for the 2010 in-store signing events.

No purchase necessary. See store for details.

Repaint of 2010
Ornament Premiere R-T-W prize

By Sue Tague.
R-T-W LPR3413

Local Club Host Gift

Members of the 16 local clubs hosting a 2010 In-Store Keepsake Artist Signing Event will receive a repainted version of "Berry" Sweet Bear, as a special thank-you gift for sponsoring an event.


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