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Katrina  Bricker

Hallmark Artist

Date started at Hallmark: March 1994
Date started at Keepsakes: February 1995
Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Katrina Bricker always knew that art was what she wanted to do. No doubts, no questions. She credits her mother, an art teacher, with instilling her creative joy.

Of course, being that focused at such a young age can pose concentration problems in other areas of school. Most kids like to doodle, and this budding creative did it to the exclusion of getting her assignments finished. Why learn states and capitals when you're going to be a great artist? She once had to stay after school to do a geography worksheet and got into trouble for spending all her time drawing in the margins of the paper. That same teacher later gave Katrina her first public recognition as an artist—a prize for creating the best Thanksgiving bulletin board display in the school.

Katrina first tried sculpting in third grade, with her rendering of the comic strip character, Garfield. Later, in her high school senior year, she did a project involving another of her lifelong interests—horses—which turned her full attention to sculpting.

All that youthful dedication has matured Katrina Bricker into a consummate Keepsake Artist.


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