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Patricia Andrews

Retired Hallmark Artist

Date started at Hallmark: 1976
Date started at Keepsakes: 1987
Hometown: United States Air Force


Patricia Andrews doesn't remember a time when she didn't have a love for art. Her childhood motto was "If I have any spare time, I could be drawing."

She remembers looking forward to days when her father would bring home paper from his office. Treasuring it as she did, Patricia divided each piece evenly into four separate pieces so her supply would last longer. She used that paper to spend many happy hours illustrating stories. Some she made up herself, others came from something she had either read or seen on television.

Knowing they had a genuine artist on their hands, Patricia's parents put her in an adult art class at the age of 8, where she managed to hold her own and even outdo some grown-ups. This passion for any art medium continued throughout school.

There was very little three-dimensional curriculum offered at Auburn University. Instead, she majored in drawing and graphic design, not realizing there was potential for having a sculpting career. After graduating in 1976, she landed a job at Hallmark in the Engraving Studio because of the high detail in her college portfolio. This was the first stop for her and many fine sculptors and future Keepsakes colleagues Lynn Norton, Don Palmiter, John Francis, and Dill Rhodus (her husband).


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