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Robert Chad

Hallmark Artist


Date started at Hallmark:
March 1987
Date started at Keepsakes: March 1987
Hometown: Fair Lawn, New Jersey


Robert Chad's drawing style took a turn when three-dimensional art captured his attention. He began sketching with the goal of making his images look like they were coming right off the page. He then tried three-dimensional pieces but never liked how they turned out.

Not one to give up on a challenge, Chad kept trying until he succeeded. Today, he makes rough sketches of Keepsake Ornaments that jump off the page and onto people's Christmas trees.

Chad began his career at Hallmark with the start of the Mary's Angels Keepsakes Ornament series. In 1987, Chad was a freelancer. When the Keepsake Studio asked him to bring Mary Hamilton's designs into a new medium, he was willing to give it a try. It was trial by fire–if Hallmark liked his work, there would be a job waiting for him. Chad became inspired by Mary Hamilton's angels and her ability to blend colors with interweaving accents and tones. It's been a beautiful partnership ever since.

At signing events, ornament enthusiasts often share with Chad what makes Mary's Angels such a meaningful part of their Christmas celebration. "Collectors tell me about the personal connection they have with the series. The angel often symbolizes a family member, sometimes a child, that has passed away. The robe's color reminds them of something they loved about that special person," Chad says. "Memories become all the more vivid during the holidays."


Available beginning Ornament Premier Weekend,
July 12-13.

After researching a few classic '70s looks, Robert found the perfect floppy hat to inspire this snowman's outfit. Such detailed research came in handy as Robert was designing a stylish jacket and coal necklace for an ensemble that's almost too hot to handle.

This master of funk even comes with his own soundtrack, playing a version of "Disco Inferno" that will have you swaying along with every beat.

Available beginning Ornament Premiere Weekend,
July 12-13

Robert turned into a true "Goonies" fan when he started work on the Sloth ornament. As soon as Robert got the assignment, he sat down and watched the film for the very first time. And as he said, "It’s easy to see why it has such a strong following!"

Robert's Art Director grew up when the film was first released, and so he made sure that Sloth was in this year's line of Keepsake Ornaments. With pirate ships, treasure and a ragtag team of kids, there's more than enough to reminisce about when this gentle giant is hanging on the tree.

Available beginning Gift of Memories Weekend,
December 5-7

Everyone loves a good joke, but even Robert can't help but call this ornament a groaner! When it came to sculpting, however, he really wanted to bring this bird to life. After a bit of research on what partridges look like, Robert got to work on incorporating just the right mask and coloring.

Adding golf details was an especially fun part of the process. Robert told us, "I put little saddle shoes on him that were cute, with spikes on the bottom. I wanted to give him argyle socks, but there was already so much going on!"


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