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Flour City Collector's Club In-Store Artist Signing Event


The members of the
Flour City Collector's Club

invite you to join them for
their In-Store Artist signing event

EVENT DATE: Saturday, August 9, 2014


                     Scott's Hallmark

                     1100 Jefferson Rd.
                     Rochester, NY 14623

                     Ph. No.: (585) 272-9010
                     Email: [email protected]


      Hallmark Master Designer   Hallmark Production Designer            

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 Edythe's profile.                    
Orville's profile.



A limited number of rooms have been reserved at a discounted rate at:

     The Double Tree Hotel
     1111 Jefferson Rd.
     Rochester, NY

     Ph. No.: 585-475-1510

     Home 2 by Hilton
     999 Jefferson Rd.
     Rochester, NY

     Ph. No.: 585-272-0090

     Holiday Inn
     800 Jefferson Rd.
     Rochester, NY

     Ph. No.: 585-475-9190

     Best Western
     940 Jefferson Rd.
     Rochester, NY

     Ph. No.: 585-427-2700

     Country Inn & Suites (around the corner)
     797 E. Henrietta Rd.
     Rochester, NY

     Ph. No.: 585-427-0131

     La Quinta (pet-friendly)
     797 E. Henrietta Rd.
     Rochester, NY

     Ph. No.: 585-272-7800

     Individuals are encouraged to reserve their room early.
ention "Flour City Collectors Club" to get the
     discounted rate.



  • Open to the general public.

  • Limited to first 90 people

  • Will include a 30-minute question and answer session with Keepsake Studio artists Edythe Kegrize and Orville Wilson.

     DATE:  Friday, August 8, 2014


5:50 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. (No-Host Cash Bar)
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

The Double Tree Hotel
                          1111 Jefferson Rd.
                          Rochester, NY.

     MENU (buffet):

  • Chicken Marsala
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Roasted Red Potatoes
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Cold Salads
  • Fresh Bread
  • Assorted Desserts (chefs selection)
  • Hot or Iced Tea and Coffee.

EVENT FEE: $37.50 USD/attendee

  • Those individuals who attend the dinner will will receive a special goody bag filled with a past years' ornament from Edythe and Orville, and other surprises.

  • At the dinner we will be raffling off gift baskets (items have generously been donated by: Scott's Hallmark, members of our Club and store employees), and a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit our club sponsored charities.



Reservation Deadline: June 30, 2014


  • Scott's Hallmark will open (and start selling the event piece) at 9:00 a.m. Initially there will be a limit of one ornament per person, but you may get back in line to purchase additional ornaments as supplies allow.
  • Artist will be available for signing  from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

  • All individuals attending the event will be given one signing ticket which will entitle them to two signatures (one per artist). Attendees wishing to obtain additional signatures are invited to return to the end of the line as many times as time will allow. Please note to guarantee that everyone receives at least one chance to obtain signatures, individuals with a signing ticket will be given priority of returning guests.





Each of the tables at the dinner had a handmade mink tree centerpiece decorated with Hallmark ornaments. At the end of the dinner, a bag was passed around each of the tables so that each guest could select an envelope. Once the envelopes were opened, it was revealed that each table had three winners: One person won the centerpiece, with ornaments; a second person won a set of hand lotions and  a third individual won a 2013 Keepsake Ornament. Each attendee was given a flour sack with two 2013 Keepsake ornaments in it.
The Fully signed Mrs. Claus's Kitchen Sink was auctioned off with the proceeds going to benefit the clubs charity. The winning bid was $950.


Edythe and Orville each showed a picture of one of their 2014 Keepsake ornaments while giving a personal insight into their respective designs and then gave a Sneak Peek of one of the designs they created for the 2015 Keepsake ornament line.

Orville started off the presentation by talking about his Godzilla ornament. He said that the ornament was based on the first [Warner Bros.] model. He also said that when he was initially given the assignment to sculpt this piece, he didn't know what Godzilla was going to look like, as such it took longer (approximately 1-2 weeks beyond the regular 2 week period) than usual to design the ornament.

He then showed Megatron, the Transformer ornament that will be released in 2015. He said that he designed this piece from scratch based off pictures. As an interesting side note he commented about if this piece could be taken apart, it could be transformed into the shape of a gun.

By Orville Wilson.

Edythe then spoke about her popular "Twelve Days of Christmas" series. While showing a picture of "Four Calling Birds," this years 4th in series piece, she talked about Four Colly Birds, the more traditional interpretation of this fourth verse of the song. She went on to say that Colly birds are sort of like black birds or starlings. She then turned her attention to next years design, "Five Golden Rings." Before revealing the final design for the piece she shared a concept drawing of one of the earlier renditions of this series piece that she had come up with. The design featured a tree with a partridge on top and garland golden rings. Despite getting approval for this design, Edythe wasn't happy with it and decided to scrap it for a new design incorporating a golden pheasant.

5th in the Twelve Days of Christmas.
By Edythe Kegrize.

After the presentation the artist opened up the floor for a few questions.


Individuals lined-up outside the store. No signing tickets or product vouchers were handed out. The store opened at 9:00 a.m. to allow people to purchase the event piece. After making their purchase, attendees were directed to the signing line.

At the conclusion of the event there were approximately 82 pieces left.


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