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Ruth Donikowski

Hallmark Senior Artist

Date started at Hallmark: October 1987
Date started at Keepsakes: January 2008
Hometown: Born in Paterson, NJ.
Grew up in Fair Lawn, NJ


Even before Ruth started to school, she loved to make 3-D objects. Her mother gave her a cabinet, which she promptly turned into a dollhouse complete with handmade furniture and decorative accessories. While she was in high school, she made murals for her school that are still on display.

After college, she taught art in elementary schools and, eventually, freelanced for Heartline (a plush division of Hallmark). She joined Hallmark full time in 1987 and has spent most of her time designing sewn product. Although she only recently became an "official" member of the Keepsake Studio, she has always worked on ornaments while in other departments, designing many Keepsake Kids Products.

At home, Ruth has designed several original Halloween costumes for her sons (a toothpaste tube, crayons, a fried egg, a stick of gum, etc.), and now many of those special costumes are getting a second life with her grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys opera, designing jewelry, felting and spoiling her grandsons and "granddogs."


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