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Steve Goslin

Hallmark Production Designer


Date started at Hallmark:
June 1978
Date started at Keepsakes: October 1995
Hometown: Shawnee, Kansas

Steve Goslin jokes that he learned to be creative "through osmosis." Both of his parents were career artists at Hallmark.

Steve started out in Hallmark's mailroom. He also worked in the manufacturing department and then as a security guard.

It wasn't until his parents retired and moved to France that Steve began to experiment with his artistic skills. While watching his parents' house for them, he began experimenting in their art studio. Before long, he had created the beginnings of a portfolio. He started buying Hallmark cards and mimicking their artistic styles. He started whittling and carving, making a bedtime story squirrel for his children. When a position opened in our Keepsake Studio, Steve was motivated and ready.

In Keepsakes, Steve says, you learn as you go. His experimentation starts on his computer, but he finds plenty of inspiration in watching his fellow Keepsake Artists at work.

Steve and his new bride, whom you will recognize, Debra (Murray) Nielsen, share not only their love of each other, but also a love for Jeeps.


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