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Tammy Haddix

Hallmark Senior Artist

Date started at Hallmark: June 1988
Date started at Keepsakes: November 1996
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Tammy Haddix has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her mother was the first to discover Tammy's talent at an early age.

Unfortunately, her mom found it on counter tops and in closets. The kitchen projects were washed away, but the closet creations were another story. Her mom, an artist herself, loved them so much that the artwork stayed up for decades.

It didn't take long for little Tammy to decide on her career goals. When she was 5 years old, her mother took her along to a Hallmark store. Tammy was so impressed by all the beautiful artwork that she declared her intention to work for Hallmark right then.

Tammy inherited her artistic abilities from her mom. After Tammy's colleagues saw her mother's intricate cake-decorating talents, the Keepsake Studio Artists decided to use the designs in the 2005 Spring Keepsake Ornaments.

Tammy joined the Illustration Studio, and that's when her interest in sculpting began. In addition to her regular drawing assignments, Tammy did freelance work for Keepsake Ornaments, which eventually won her a spot on the Keepsakes staff. Her work can still be found in closets, but only because they're in storage until next Christmas.



“This one has Dean Martin singing ‘It’s a Marshmallow World,’ which I’m not sure a lot of people have heard of. It became a favorite of my family’s when my sister, my mom and I were Christmas shopping, and that song was playing. We all fell in love with it. So when I had the opportunity to do this Magic ornament, I thought to do an ornament with a cake design using that song. On the ornament itself, there’s a snowball fight with lights tracing back-and-forth, and there’s a light on top that makes the snowman light up.”




“I was sculpting this when my niece, Hannah, was pregnant. So I was thinking of her and what would be cool as a mommy-to-be. Snowmen are already round, and so I decided to have her cradling her belly like many pregnant women do. It kind of coordinates with my Making Memories series. You could place this ornament with those ornaments if you wanted to.”


“All of these ornaments are inspired by my family. My mom was the cake decorator of the family. She decorated cakes for us using cake pans, and now she does all of these sculpted cakes. Now she and my sister have a cake decorating business together. My family actually competed on the ‘Ultimate Cake Off’ on TLC…twice. (When creating these ornaments), my sculpting abilities came in handy. I just had to adjust to using icing and fondant. I didn’t let the other team know they were up against a professional.”


 PREVIOUS PROFILE (December 2013)


4th in the series

"Each of the Frosty Fun Decade Keepsake Ornaments has the year made out of snow. I did the last decade series, titled Cool Decade, in which the numbers were made out of ice. I started this series by sketching, because I have to show that the concept works for the full decade. I love creating snowmen since you can do so many different shapes, sizes and personalities—and I do a lot of snowmen! I have to add glitter to any snowman I make and, of course, I get covered, too."

"The snowmen all have different hats or winter gear, so this year the numbers come out of his top hat. The colors in this series are always cool colors like blue and purple, and the repaints are always red and green. This makes the repaint really different and special."


16th in the series

"Before I was in the Keepsake Studio, I had designed some gift wrap with snowmen and animals on it. When I began working in the Keepsake Studio, the art director from gift wrap had also joined the Keepsake Studio, and we agreed that we needed to do those snowmen as an ornament. That's how the series began."

"This Snow Buddy is wearing an Eskimo-inspired coat with fur-lined hat, and he is with his polar bear friend. Each year features a different animal. The series started with woodland animals, and the first one was a bunny. Then we started running out of woodland animals, so I switched to polar animals. I try to match the snowman's outfit to the animal, and I also watch the trends in outerwear. I try not to repeat any of the outfits."

6th in the Making Memories series

"This series is all about the things we do with our children at Christmastime. It's about the memories we make! This year's ornament highlights one of my favorite activities that I used to do with my boys—reading!"

"We decided to pull a real book into this ornament, and you can even see the inside spread there. 'There's Snow Stopping Us Now' was a book and plush combo in stores last year. The cat and the dog take turns popping up in this series. A lot of people have cats or dogs, so I chose to add them to make it feel even more like a family."

"The scarves are made with real ribbon, which is a nice touch we've been able to keep through the whole series. There's always a snowflake base and their little rubber snow boots, which really ties the whole series together."


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5th in the series

"Next year's snowman is the first to be on his belly, so you can see his chubby little butt and feet sticking out with little snowflakes on the bottoms. You can do so much with snowmen and create such fun situations!"


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