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NEW Digital Dream Book Website

Posted by digitalDREAMBOOK Team on June 1, 2019 at 3:35 PM

Digital Dream Book has moved to a new address:

Due to continuing problems with our hosting platform and limited capabilities here we have moved over to a new site where we can Dream big and have fun together!

The new site still offers the same latest news you’ve come to expect from Digital Dream Book, however, we’ve added so much more!  Artist profiles, ornaments, convention information, and local club resources are just a few of the dedicated areas of the new Digital Dream Book!

For those who have enjoyed our Event Planners, we now have a digital version on the front page of the new website, and it’s there all the time for your reference!

Before you head on over to the new site, please note you will need to Register as a new member.  Just look for the My Account menu at the top and choose Register.  To confirm your registration you will receive a link in an email from us that you must click.

We have made a Welcome! page on the new site to give you a quick overview of the site and how to get help, it’s a great place to start!  

So what does this mean for this site you are on now?  This site will stay online for the foreseeable future as a repository of historical information, however, as of today it will no longer receive any updates so all effort can be put into the new website.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you on the new site.

The digitalDREAMBOOK Team

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